If you’re a dog owner you must know that sometimes your dogs breath smells like fish. And that’s not a good thing, Yuck!

Dogs are known to have bad breath. But if it’s really kicking on a regular basis it may indicate a much more serious problem. Let’s hope that is not the case with your pet dog.  So what could be making your dogs breath smell like fish?

Well one thing that could be giving your dog bad breath is a nasty bad bacteria as it builds up in your doggies mouth, lungs or stomach, causing nasty odors. Dogs are susceptible to tartar, plaque and gum disease. And if you know any of these can contribute to your puppy dog’s bad breath.

So you must always make sure to keep the dogs teeth clean. Try brushing them or a good dental chew toy will work. Let’s get your dog’s breath smelling good and not bad like smelly fish.

Bad breath in a dog could be caused by kidney and liver disease or worms. If your dog’s bad breath is persists or severe, take your doggie to a vet to get checked out.