Horgi dog is a beautiful hybrid cross mix between a Husky and Corgi breed.

When mixing the breeds you want to get the best traits from both of its parents. Looking for great temperament and with amazing herding tendencies as they come from herding backgrounds.

Horgi Facts

Horgi’s life expectancy can be between 12-15 years give or take a few years. This dog has some short little legs like a corgi. The height is around 13 inches some might be a lil taller and weight between 20 to 55 pounds. The coats can vary many colors including, brown, sable, brindle, black, and red coat. They have medium to heavy shedding of their coat. Some make sure your grooming your puppy. Horgi Health Problems like any dog when they get older they begin to show signs.

But if you have a younger pup and is showing any signs of health problems please visit your vet.

Horgi Temperament is a very loving dog. These doggies are known to be athletic and will require lots of training, attention, socialization and care.

Horgi’s are suitable for apartment or small home dwellings. But will do better in a big yard or at least a fenced yard to run around and play.

Horgi For Sale & Price

Breeders sell these dogs anywhere from $500-$2,000+ depending on the breeder and quality of the dog you are buying. Puppy Love! Exploring!

Amazing picture image of Horgi doggie at the beach.

Camping Time! Siborgi!

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