A Pomsky is technically a designer breed, these dogs will be half the combined weight and size of the parents. But can be bred down to a smaller size through future generations of selective breeding.

Overall it will depend mostly on how big the parents of your pomsky pup are. Some dogs may be as small as 15 lbs and some as large as 35 lbs but most at the moment are around 25 lbs.

Many people are very drawn to the Pomskies because they are so beautiful and they view pictures of these pups that look like miniature Siberian huskies.

The full size of the Pomsky at maturity is dependent upon several different factors. But the most important factor is the size and weight of the dam and sire that well give you an idea if how big your pomsky pet dog will get.

There can never be no real assurances or guarantees that the offspring will grow to any size or be a specific weight.

Pomsky’s, are larger than they appear as more selective breeding needs to be done to get a solid standard dog size for the breed.